AV and crew

some feedback from others

“I would highly recommend Andrew to be involved in any event and we have plans to work with him more in the future. His enthusiasm, energy and professionalism is incredible. The audience loved him and his presentation style is excellent.”

Ian Collier, Program Director – The Eventful Group


“He makes it look easy and breezy while in fact he is taking the audience on a well-crafted journey. I would definitely recommend Andrew as a speaker to any conference”

Caspar Berry, Keynote and Motivational speaker


“He has a level of passion and energy that you cannot help to be drawn into as a listener. I would thoroughly recommend him for presentation opportunities at similar events”

Hes Phillips, Senior Manager, Customer Marketing – Oracle


“Andrew has the ability to communicate complex subjects by captivating his audience through exceptional storytelling”

Juan Machado, Global Client Lead – Visa Europe


“The audience were clearly stimulated by the session, coming out smiling and talking animatedly - which is exactly what any conference wants to achieve with a keynote!”

Denys Whitley, Director of Operations – The Payments Knowledge Forum


“He is a prophet! My eyes are opened to the future. Bravo!”

Anonymous audience member