Where can you find Andrew?

Andrew is a global nomad who works with clients and engages audiences across the alphabet from Amsterdam, Bratislava and Bucharest through London, Melbourne and New York to Vienna, Warsaw and most of the capitals in-between.

Most of the work that Andrew does is "behind closed doors" at private or invite-only client events, briefings and workshops, but take a look at the events page to see if you can catch him in action at an open or public event in your country - and don't forget to see when he is "On Tour" as he's always keen to meet up with like-minded individuals and would love to explore the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next event or initiative before / after / or even during his travels abroad - which is always a great opportunity to engage him without incurring the costs of international travel!

When he's not travelling he can be found in his loft at home in Surrey, England, surrounded by whiteboards, sticky notes, screens, scribblings and clippings as he looks for patterns and stories as they emerge from the confusion and chaos of the constant stream of news, research and information that he collates.

If you are interested in contacting Andrew in connection with any of the services he offers then please feel free to get the conversation started by clicking the "hello" link in the footer of any page. 

Upcoming Events

  1. RegTech festival

    June 4 - June 5
  2. Australia – on tour

    June 4 - June 8

He can also often be found here:-

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