What does Andrew do?

As an Innovation Consultant, Andrew shies away from the term “futurist” as he doesn’t predict the future, preferring to inspire clients and audiences to create the future they would rather see become reality.

His primary activity is global scanning and scouting for new technologies and the companies behind the trends that are disrupting business right now. He works with established companies and startups across the world in order to help them envisage the range of possible futures fuelled, accelerated and enabled by technology.

Andrew curates research and opinion from global thought leaders, industry analysts and academics and blends these with his personal experience, insight and anecdotes, applying them to :

  • Impactful and inspirational keynotes and Event speaking
  • Succinct and relevant board briefings
  • Engaging and immersive workshops
  • Advisory board insights
  • Technology and Startup Scouting services
  • EIR (Entrepreneur In Residence) services
  • Strategic consultancy services
  • Startup & executive coaching and mentoring
  • IIR (Innovator In Residence) services
  • Customer Experience consultancy
  • Non-Executive Director (NED) services
  • Innovation and Ideation process advisory
  • Digital adoption and transformation initiation 
  • Establishing Horizon Scanning capabilities
  • Establishing and advising corporate incubation labs
  • Master of ceremonies duties
  • Innovation workshops
  • Proposition development
  • Startup advisory
  • Corporate incubation process and advisory
  • Management consulting
  • Innovation and ideation
  • R&D process and advisory
  • Storytelling skills transfer for scenario planning and innovation
  • Technology research
  • Awards judging panels
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Customer Feedback / Customer Advisory Board facilitation

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