Cultivating the skills that enable and accelerate change and transformation is now, more than ever, critical to business survival.

While the covid pandemic saw most organisations undergo a period of rapid change, this was largely been forced upon them and as a consequence, activities were mostly reactive in nature.

Moving forward, further change and transformation is required and will be a major factor in post pandemic economic recovery.

Those that have previously been engaged in any form of change or transformation initiative, will be aware that the path is full of obstacles and barriers to overcome in the form of people, processes, misconceptions, misunderstandings, mis-management and a whole host of other barriers to change and transformation.

These "Monsters and Myths" frustrate efforts on a daily basis.

The Monsters frequently manifest in the form of outdated processes or people with closed mindsets whose opinions seem to be impossible to change, very often due to the fact that they themselves are fearful of change and anything new - I'm sure you've encountered the "We've always done it this way" Monster before??

The Myths are arguably even more damaging as the people who believe in them, regard them as fact - for example the "We have plenty of time before we need to do that" Myth which lulls people into a false sense of complacency at a time when the world is changing faster than ever ...............

One of the biggest problems faced by organisations is that the Monsters and Myths are routinely overlooked or ignored - allowing them to thrive and perpetuate - causing much mayhem across the organisation.

The first step therefore is to acknowledge their existence!

I've repeatedly encountered the same Monsters and Myths across multiple organisations, industries and geographies and having had first hand experience of the "Mayhem" they cause, I am passionate about helping organisations and individuals actively seek out the "Magic" required to overcome the Monsters and dispel the Myths.

The purpose of the following workshops is to help organisations and individuals by providing a "safe space" to identify the obstacles / inhibitors / barriers to change and transformation in their own organisation, in order for them to work out ways of overcoming them and increasing their chances of success.

They are highly interactive with activities designed to achieve a shared understanding of the challenges and devise a collaborative approach to tactics and strategies to overcome them.

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Expose the Monsters and Myths via:-

The Monsters & Myths approach is a fantastic way to engage your CUSTOMERS in order to better understand THEIR pain points, barriers and obstacles they face while you and your team share YOUR magic that can overcome them - click here for more info.