The Art of Inspiring Innovation and Transformation

It is my firm belief that innovation is a mix of both Art and Science.

Generally speaking I find that organisations seem to focus the most on the "science" aspects of processes, frameworks and methodologies. There always seems to be a hot new innovation or transformation framework or methodology touted by consultancies as the "silver bullet" that will instantly solve all of your previous issues.

The softer, inspirational and creative "art" aspects of innovation and motivation, almost always seem to be neglected. All that the frameworks and methodologies generally say on the creative process is "get people in a room with a bunch of sticky notes and brainstorm the problem" and the resulting ideas are fed into their cold and clinical process.

But Innovation and transformation is NOT first and foremost about technology - it's about PEOPLE!

People are at the heart of any innovation or transformation activity and they face a huge range of emotions during their journey :- 

  • the fear of the unknown
  • the frustration of obstacles
  • the determination to continue
  • the elation of success
  • the dream of creating the future
  • and a whole lot more.

People need freedom and inspiration to be creative in their work and their problem solving. They also need to be encouraged, cajoled, motivated and congratulated in order to keep going.

I have led and participated in Innovation and Transformation initiatives across a wide range of industries for some of the world's biggest brand names (and some of the least known smallest ones too) for over 30 years. These days I am best known for my work as an Innovation Catalyst, where I apply the insights gained from continuously scanning the horizon for changes in TIPS (Technologies, Innovations, Patents and Startups) to help my audiences and clients explore multiple possible futures as part of their strategy to compete, grow and excel in a world full of change and transformation.

During the course of my work, I am frequently motivated and inspired by the words of other people. By combining their words with photos I have taken that prompted my own reflection on past experiences, my intention in this book is to share that inspiration and contemplation with you.

I hope my anecdotes and stories provoke your own thinking and ultimately help you to achieve your goals.

- Andrew

Sneak a peek inside the book:

This book is intended to be a short read (on a plane or train or during lunch breaks or while on holiday etc) that triggers your own long reflection on the topics raised. There is no need to read it in a linear fashion and in fact I encourage you to open it randomly on any page for a bit of inspiration or motivation.

I have intentionally left loads of blank space for you to scribble your own thoughts and responses. 

The book is currently available in both paperback and Kindle (print replica) versions from Amazon here.

The images and stories contained in this book lend themselves to exploring a wide variety of Innovation and Transformation topics and as a result I frequently use them as the basis for entertaining and insightful keynotes and presentations - please click here for more information to see how I can help you to inspire and motivate your organisation or team to BE more innovative in everything they do.