Innovatours London 2019

This is a totally different type of event designed for Innovators and Future Leaders – learn hands on skills from those at the top of their game!

TIPS to look out for

CES – On tour USA

Take the opportunity to catch up with Andrew while he is on USA soil during the CES event in Las Vegas

2018 Innovation Campus

2018 UTAD Innovation Campus

What does it take to “be more innovative” as an individual or organisation? Where do you start? How do you encourage an “innovation culture”? How much is art and how much is science? During this seminar, Andrew will bring these concepts to life in a unique and engaging manner to inspire you into immediate action!

Goals and Storytelling

Goals and Storytelling

On 30th of August at 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Launch22 presents ‘Releasing Your Mind; Goals & Storytelling’ – a new and exciting event for those who seek motivation and inspiration for kick-starting or empowering their business! So come along for a relaxed evening of networking and panel discussions! This event – including presentations, workshop and panel […]

EBA logo

European Business Awards 2018

Andrew will be running a seminar session on Wed 23rd May titled “Think like a Startup” “Disruption is not just a buzzword – it’s a business model” We are currently experiencing an unprecedented pace of change and transformation in the world around us, with consumer expectations of our organisations at an all time high. Technology […]

Friends, Family and Fools

Friends, Family and Fools

I regularly come across new startups as part of my scanning activity. I’m also frequently approached (mainly on Linkedin) by new startups looking for investment which is thinly veiled as seeking my advice as a mentor. The majority of them however don’t appear to have done their homework and don’t actually have a clue what […]

quote by John C. Maxwell

Pride and decay

I recently snapped the above photo while wandering in the grounds of a glorious old estate where a friend was working and I was saddened to see what was obviously once somebody’s pride and joy, now abandoned and left to decay. The fact that the registration plate spelled “EGO” led me to reflect on the […]


Tell me why!

It’s an occupational hazard. Just like the doctor that gets asked at the BBQ “what must I take for that nagging back pain?”, or the mechanic down the pub whose mates always ask just to “have a quick listen to the strange noise under the bonnet”. In my case, it’s “can I have your feedback […]