FinTech Connect Toronto

FinTechConnect Toronto 2020

Andrew will be bringing his high energy and provocative style of panel moderation to the stage for the first time in Canada – hold onto your hats, THIS is not going to be like any panel session you have sat through before – you can rely on him to field the most challenging questions from the audience while teasing out the stories behind the scenes!

The Banking Scene Brussels 2020


The Banking Scene is an active banking community and network organisation for the Benelux financial industry and beyond. It inspires bankers during their journey to transforming the sector into a more innovative and agile version of its current self.


2020 Merchant Payments Ecosystem

Is Andrew a fortune-teller or a time traveller? Come to his “Back to the Future of Payments” session at MPE2020 in Berlin to find out what the perfect payment experience looks like for customers 40 years from now!

Finovate Europe 2020

Finovate Europe 2020

For the first time ever, FinovateEurope will take place in continental Europe, bringing you a truly Pan-European fintech event. 

The Banking Scene 2020


The Banking Scene inspires those bankers who embrace the opportunities ahead to create a culture of innovation.

FinTech Connect

2019 FinTech Connect – London

FinTech Connect is where large teams from major financial institutions go to make informed buying decisions on the latest innovations on the market, and where fintechs come to accelerate dialogues with digital buyers with responsibility across digital transformation, payments, financial security, regtech and blockchain.

Monex 2019 (Poland)

The Monex Summit brings leading experts in FinTech, Banking and financial industry together from all around the world for 2 days in Warsaw.

Founders Live

Founders Live LDN

Join us on Halloween evening where Andrew will be sharing scary stories of innovation fears and how to overcome them for competitive advantage

Digital innovation seminar Kuwait

Kuwait Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the highest priority for leadership across all industries globally. In this full day seminar you will learn how to harness the ..


RAVE Publishing Conference

“How does Diversity drive innovation?” – Andrew will be outlining the importance of diversity and inclusion in innovation activities in this contemplative session

Retail TECH 2019

It is the only event where retailers, tech suppliers, FMCGs, start-ups, investors and analysts join forces to work out how they will not only survive the digital revolution, but nail it. At Tech. we put the most disruptive thinkers under the spotlight – from the companies that are revolutionising their industries, to the tech firms creating the […]

Image with words digital transformation

You shouldn’t NEED a “Digital Transformation”

“Digital transformation” (DX) is currently one of the hottest topics with IDC predicting earlier this year that global DX spend will reach $1.8 trillion in 2019 and they forecast $6 trillion in global DX technology spend over the next 4 years. In many respects, this has been great for me personally as the calls for […]

Innovatours London 2019

This is a totally different type of event designed for Innovators and Future Leaders – learn hands on skills from those at the top of their game!

The Banking Scene

The Banking Scene – Brussels

Andrew will be sharing his own unique interpretation of the Innovation Ecosystem in which Banks and Fintechs need to collaborate in order to build the Future of Financial Services. His lively and engaging session is filled with insights and anecdotes gained through his experience of driving innovation initiatives across FTSE 100 companies, SME’s and Startups for more that 30 years. 

Kuwait flag

On Tour – Kuwait

Andrew is  booked for a private client event in Kuwait for these dates. Feel free to get in contact to catch up with him over a coffee while he is in the country or better yet, take advantage of the fact that he will be there and engage him for your own private event without […]

The Banking Scene Luxembourg

The Banking Scene – Luxembourg

Andrew Vorster will be providing a high energy kick off session with insights and anecdotes about the main forces driving customer behaviour and preference and how Fintechs globally are responding to these.

TIPS to look out for

CES – On tour USA

Take the opportunity to catch up with Andrew while he is on USA soil during the CES event in Las Vegas

Trustech logo

Trustech – Cannes

Learn from the CEO & C-Level speakers and hear about the up-to-date experience of the 200+ international speakers, through different theme such as : Mobile Payments & Wallets, Biometrics for Authentication, Data Protection & Data-Driven Innovation, Connected Commerce & IoT, Fintech Disruption, Open Innovation:, AI in Payments and Fintech, New Commerce for New Payments, Neo-Banks ..


The FUGLY BABY problem

Has this ever happened to you? You’re browsing the internet, scanning through your social feeds and you come across a proud parent introducing their latest contribution to the gene pool and your first thought is:- “WOW – what a *&%@$ baby!!!”? No? Maybe it’s just me then ……. Now here’s my question to you – “would […]

2018 Innovation Campus

2018 UTAD Innovation Campus

What does it take to “be more innovative” as an individual or organisation? Where do you start? How do you encourage an “innovation culture”? How much is art and how much is science? During this seminar, Andrew will bring these concepts to life in a unique and engaging manner to inspire you into immediate action!

Country flag of America

Viva Las Vegas!

Andrew will be in Las Vegas to present at private company events on Monday and Tuesday – but he’s always willing to extend his stay by a few days or fly out a couple of days earlier if you’d like to take advantage of him being on America soil which means you don’t have to […]

Legal Tech Fest logo

Legal Innovation & Tech Fest 2018

TRANSFORMING LAW The world is changing. Businesses are more demanding. Fee models are evolving. New technologies are emerging. And the pressure is on for law firms and legal businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. Technology is disrupting (and enabling) the practice of law, which is why we are hosting the Legal Innovation & Technology […]

EBA logo

European Business Awards 2018

Andrew will be running a seminar session on Wed 23rd May titled “Think like a Startup” “Disruption is not just a buzzword – it’s a business model” We are currently experiencing an unprecedented pace of change and transformation in the world around us, with consumer expectations of our organisations at an all time high. Technology […]

question mark

Asking the right questions

I frequently find that people focus so much on finding the right answer, that they fail to stop and consider if they are asking the right question……. I was recently contacted by a prospective client that had been pointed in my direction as he had been told that I am “a payments guy” and he […]

Xeikon Cafe

Xeikon Café

With over 30 years spent leading innovation initiatives across a range of industries, Andrew is keen to dispel the myth that “innovation takes place in a funnel”. In this colourful session littered with real life anecdotes, Andrew will paint the picture of the innovation ecosystem from his point of view – and hopefully inspire you to get involved today!

logo Money2020 Asia

Money20/20 Asia

Money20/20 organises the world’s largest events focused on payments and financial services at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. In March 2018, Singapore will host the inaugural Money20/20 Asia; shining a light on the region’s unique opportunities, connecting companies and individuals that build, disrupt and challenge how consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money.

Singaporean flag

On Tour – Singapore

Catch Andrew while he is in town to see how he can help ignite your innovation initiative so you can start building the future before you read about it as history made by someone else!

Financial Services Club logo

FS Club

Andrew will share a few war stories about his time as Vice President of Technology R&D at Visa Europe while encouraging you all to embrace an organisational concept that has innovation at its core.

Digital Money Forum

CES – Las Vegas

“I got a hundred uses for a Blockchain and financial services ain’t one” said no-one, ever.

Country flag of America

On Tour – Las vegas

Vegas baby! It’s time for the annual pilgrimage to the world’s hottest tech fair – CES Las Vegas!

Country flag of France

On Tour – Cannes

Catch up with Andrew in Cannes while he’s there for Trustech – he’s always willing to share thoughts with like-minded individuals – you never know where the conversation will lead!

Friends, Family and Fools

Friends, Family and Fools

I regularly come across new startups as part of my scanning activity. I’m also frequently approached (mainly on Linkedin) by new startups looking for investment which is thinly veiled as seeking my advice as a mentor. The majority of them however don’t appear to have done their homework and don’t actually have a clue what […]

CX Tech Fest

Customer Experience Innovation

The world is changing. Customers are more demanding. Customer loyalty is decreasing. New technologies are emerging. And the pressure is on for share of the customer – attracting them, keeping them, seducing them.

event logo

CX & Insight Leaders

The 2nd annual CX & INSIGHT Leaders forum focuses on the latest and best customer insight and experience strategies. The overarching theme of the event is “Building Customer Centricity”.


RAVE publishing conf

A year has passed, and what a year it has been!

AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain… those were mere buzzwords a few years back. Now they are fast becoming mainstream in publishing. There are fewer independent platform vendors today than there were last year. A raft of acquisition points to publishers looking at inorganic growth. GDPR will change business processes, and in some cases, even business models.


Technology Expo

AV will be giving a short “TED Talk” style presentation on “Igniting Innovation Initiatives” during the event, aiming to inspire you into putting your ideas into action.

The future is a mystery

Future Foresight

For years now I have cringed when someone introduces me as a “Futurist” Thanks to media attention, marketing hype and the proliferation of snake-oil-salesmen, the once respected academic discipline of foresight now conjures up images of mystics and shamans and if I had a pound for every reference made to me concerning crystal balls then […]

Fear of Failure

Do you fear failure?

I used to – but no more. Having been brought up in South Africa in a culture where failure was met with physical punishment in school, in sport, at home and in military training, the fear of failure severely impacted my risk appetite and affected my decision making. Fear was seldom a good motivator in my […]

Horizon Scanning

Horizon scanning TIPS

Every year kicks off with a number of “predictions for the year 20xx” articles and posts as if in some way, the world hits a reset button at midnight on New Year’s Eve and faces a fresh start every calendar year. But as Heraclitus said “change is the only constant in life” and even if your […]

Steam train

COAL fuelled Corporate Incubation

In spite of the declaration that “Corporate Innovation does not work” by Accenture’s Narry Singh at the WIRED conference in London, Corporate Incubation is a growing hot topic right now. Often fuelled by COAL (Catching On At Last) or driven by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), many large corporates are setting up their own incubation […]

Appetite for disruption

Appetite for Disruption

“I’m worried that you would leave after 6 months – you know, after you had done the disruption” the hiring manager said as she looked up from her notes. I was half an hour into the interview and for the first time I was at a loss for words (unusual for me as those of […]


Tell me why!

It’s an occupational hazard. Just like the doctor that gets asked at the BBQ “what must I take for that nagging back pain?”, or the mechanic down the pub whose mates always ask just to “have a quick listen to the strange noise under the bonnet”. In my case, it’s “can I have your feedback […]

Once Upon a Time

Can you tell me a story?

We all love a good story. I grew up in rural Africa, amidst a rich culture of storytelling and at a young age I was conferred with the honorific of “imbongi” by our local people. In Zulu culture, the word is often reserved for those that change the path of the future by telling stories […]

Definition of think

What the world needs now (in addition to love sweet love)

In the light the events over the last few months, I can’t argue with the sentiment expressed by Hal David’s lyrics in Burt Bacharach’s seminal song of the title (here is a link to Jackie DeShannon’s original 1965 rendition as a reminder) and I make no apology for the fact that many of you will now […]