CHG Meridian Manager Kick Off 2015

Strategic advisory services

"Do you know what you don't know?"

Having spent over 30 years leading Innovation Initiatives across a wide variety of industries, Andrew has a wealth of experience and insights (along with a number of war stories and anecdotes) to share with all levels of your organisation from the C-suite to the frontline and down into the trenches. He is equally at home in the boardroom as he is with his sleeves rolled up in the midst of a brainstorm.

You can retain Andrew on a fractional basis as a member of your NED, NPD, Digital, Technology or Innovation Advisory board or engage him to mentor your staff in all aspects of innovation process and execution.

He has previously:-

  • established Horizon Scanning capabilities to identify TIPS - Technologies, Innovations, Patents & Startups - in order to inform strategy and identify the impacts and implications these will have on society, industry and the individuals within
  • established Ideation processes and implemented tools and frameworks to Ignite Innovation Initiatives across the organisation, harvesting the energy and inputs from internal staff and industry participants
  • established idea selection and governance processes
  • established and run Innovation Labs to validate or refute hypotheses and concepts using a blend of internal and external resources with a motto of "fail fast or win fast - whatever you do, do it fast"

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