Monsters, Myths, Mayhem and Magic exists in all organisations

Monsters Myths and Magic

Cultivating the skills that enable and accelerate change and transformation is now, more than ever, critical to business survival. While the covid pandemic has seen most organisations undergo a period of rapid change, this has largely been forced upon them and as a consequence, activities have mostly been reactive in nature. Moving forward, further change […]

seven seconds

No more “Death by PowerPoint”!!!

We’ve all been there! Sitting through 100 slides of 10pt font which the presenter reads out in a mono-tone. It’s time to say “NO MORE”!!! Andrew will share with you the secrets of the most successful speakers that continue to WOW audiences time after time. Learn to deliver an engaging presentation that will grab your […]

Do you know who I am?

Do you [really] know who I am?

Knowing your customers is key to increasing trust and loyalty – but how well do you REALLY know them? Andrew will take you on a personal journey that starts way back in his past and continues with his experience of an institution that he trusted deeply (who should have known him better than even his […]

Virtually Everything

Virtually Everything

Constantly updated through his ongoing research efforts, Andrew will take you on a journey that will open your mind to the impact technological change is having on society, industry and individuals. Taking a look at the factors influencing the disruption to traditional business models that have blurred the physical and digital worlds, Andrew will look […]


Igniting Innovation Initiatives

To become an innovative organisation, department or individual, you have to think beyond the “idea funnel” approach adopted by so many organisations. This colourful, high energy session introduces a metaphor that provides an overview of the wide range of activities that will get the entire organisation inspired and involved in moving the dial from “innovation […]