The future

Creating the future

Andrew’s mantra is “the story of the future is not yet written, don’t wait to read about it as history made by someone else”. Are you ready to write the future of your team, your organisation, perhaps of society itself? Andrew will lead your group in a fun (no seriously ….. it is LOADS of […]

Fintech Futures

Fintech Futures

FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech – all have seen unprecedented levels of investment in recent years, with multiple “Unicorn” births of companies with $1 Billion plus valuations. What are the technologies and trends enabling and accelerating this activity? So what are the implications to the incumbent institutions and the entire Financial Services ecosystem? With over ten years […]

Future of retail

The Future of Retail

Retail has been hit hard by technology change in recent years – but it’s bouncing back with a vengeance! Customers expectations are high and retailers have a huge opportunity to leverage new and emerging technologies to capture their hearts and minds and deliver experiences that exceed those of the past. This session covers the technologies […]

Turbulent Times

Turbulent Times

The technology fuelled future is both frightening and fascinating in equal measure. Andrew will cover the disruptive trends that are impacting business models and transforming our behaviours while providing insights into the implications these will have on you and your industry. Andrew’s engaging, storytelling style will reduce the audience‚Äôs fear of the future, helping them […]

Exponential Expectaions

Exponential Expectations

Technology is driving change at an unprecedented pace! Our appetite for technology adoption (perhaps even addiction?) seems to show no bounds. Consumer behaviour is changing as a direct result and so are their expectations of organisations they interact with. Andrew will highlight some of the key technologies and trends impacting customer experience and loyalty right […]

Virtually Everything

Virtually Everything

Constantly updated through his ongoing research efforts, Andrew will take you on a journey that will open your mind to the impact technological change is having on society, industry and individuals. Taking a look at the factors influencing the disruption to traditional business models that have blurred the physical and digital worlds, Andrew will look […]


Igniting Innovation Initiatives

To become an innovative organisation, department or individual, you have to think beyond the “idea funnel” approach adopted by so many organisations. This colourful, high energy session introduces a metaphor that provides an overview of the wide range of activities that will get the entire organisation inspired and involved in moving the dial from “innovation […]