The Art of Inspiring Innovation art gallery style talk

The ART of Inspiring Innovation and Transformation

Innovation requires a blend of both Art and Science - left brain and right brain thinking. Many people focus on the "science" side of things - the processes, frameworks,  methodologies and mechanics of innovation. But, innovation is a uniquely (for now at least) human capability and humans need to be inspired and motivated to THINK and BE more innovative in everything they do.

Inspiring Innovation is an Art and Andrew takes you on a highly visual and thought provoking walk through his personal "art gallery" of photos he has taken, while sharing relevant, real world anecdotes and words of wisdom from great minds that have inspired and motivated him on his journey to date.

This is an energising and uplifting session that will inspire audiences to think differently about their role and contribution to the innovation and transformation of your organisation.

Duration :- flexible between 25 - 45 minutes

(This session contains images from Andrew's book of the same title :- "The Art of Inspiring Innovation and Transformation" available globally on the link)


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