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Problem Solving Skills Workshop

A different perspective

Problem solving skills are an essential element of every employee's toolkit.

How often have you been invited to "brainstorm" solutions to a problem and then filled a room with hundreds of post-it notes only for NOTHING to ever come of it??

The primary problem is that the majority of people asking for input into brainstorming sessions don't usually have a systematic way of approaching the problem in the first place - let alone a framework to inspire creative solutions from the participants!

This hands on, interactive workshop provides essential problem solving skills that are quick and easy to learn and immediately apply to challenges of any size in your organisation.

You will be taken through 4 exercises where you will learn how to:-

  • Reframe your challenge from different perspectives
  • Leverage "wrong answers" to explore different approaches
  • Creatively expand ideas with random association
  • Focus on what to do next

All templates and frameworks used in the exercises are supplied post workshop as an "editable PDF" which can be used electronically, printed out or simply re-created on a whiteboard or flipchart for your next problem solving session.

Take your team's problem solving skills to the next level now!!

Workshop size - unlimited

Duration - 60/90mins or bespoke according to requirements*

*PLEASE NOTE - the duration depends on desired outcome. This session is designed as a "skills transfer" but it can also can be used to kick off a full day activity around a specific challenge you are facing - please contact Andrew or Miriam to discuss your specific requirements.

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