Monsters Myths and Magic workshop

Monsters Myths and Magic

Cultivating an innovation culture that embraces an appetite for change and transformation is now more critical to business survival than ever before.

While the covid pandemic has seen most organisations undergo a period of rapid change, this has largely been forced upon them and as a consequence, activities have mostly been reactive in nature.

Moving forward, further change will be required and innovation and transformation will be a major factor in post pandemic economic recovery.

Those that have previously been engaged in any form of innovation or transformation initiative, will be aware that the path is full of obstacles and barriers to overcome in the form of people, processes, misconceptions, misunderstandings, mis-management and a whole host of other "Monsters and Myths" that frustrate their efforts.

One of the biggest problems faced by organisations is that the Monsters and Myths are routinely overlooked or ignored - which allows them to thrive and perpetuate.

The first step therefore is to acknowledge their existence! Andrew combines experience gained from over 35 years of leading and participating in Innovation and Transformation initiatives, with insights and annecdotes shared by guests on his highly acclaimed Monsters and Myths show, to expose the common barriers to innovation with the aim of sharing the "Magic" of how to overcome them.

How many of the Monsters and Myths manifest in YOUR organisation?

Are YOU using the right Magic to conquer them?

Std keynote duration - 30 minutes

Target audience - management and cross functional teams

The purpose of the Monsters and Myths workshop is to help organisations and individuals identify the barriers / obstacles / inhibitors to innovation, change and transformation in their own organisation, in order for them to work out ways of overcoming them to increase their chances of success.

It is designed to be highly interactive (and hopefully fun!) with both individual and group activities designed to achieve a shared understanding of the challenges and devise a collaborative approach to tactics and strategies to overcome them.

Virtual Workshop size - recommended 3 - 20 participants (*)

Physical Workshop size - recommended 3 - 50 participants although no actual size limit and is suitable for large events

Target audience - management and cross functional teams

Duration - 90 mins / half day / full day or split multi-day

PLEASE NOTE - the duration depends on audience size and desired outcomes - please discuss yours with Andrew or Miriam

(*) Size may be limited by your preferred webinar system and technology limitations

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