Horizon scanning

Horizon Scanning

Are you currently scanning the horizon and contemplating the impacts and implications that current and future change will have on your organisation?

The long term success of any organisation is largely dependent on its ability to continually adapt and respond to the constantly changing world in which we exist.

Those organisations that cultivate a culture of continuous transformation enabled and accelerated by appropriate governance, process and technology, are best placed to leverage change for competitive advantage and they are able to respond in a proactive manner to the impacts and implications that current and future changes will have on their staff, their business models, their industry ecosystem, consumer behaviours and society in general.

Responsive organisations such as these have the ability to shape the future, as opposed to simply reacting to it.

To begin this process, you need to be constantly scanning the horizon for signals and trends that will shape the future of your organisation, but:-

  • where do you look?
  • how far out do you scan?
  • who can you leverage to help?
  • what do you do with what you see?
  • how do you contemplate the implications?
  • what do you do next?

This workshop is a hands-on skills transfer session where participants are guided through a range of horizon scanning sources which they then apply using Andrew's custom designed TIPS workbook to begin framing future opportunities and threats.

Participants will gain fresh insights and a new set of skills which they can immediately apply in order to begin shaping the future.

Workshop size - 1 - 50 participants

Duration - 2.5 hours (physical) or 2 hours (virtual / online)

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PLEASE NOTE - the duration depends on desired outcome. This session can be used to kick off a full day activity around a specific challenge or it can be used as a group exercise and skill transfer to be applied later - please contact Andrew to discuss your requirements.

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