Think like a futurist

Future Thinking

Most of us only seriously think about the future when faced with a crisis in the present. We are normally too busy fighting fires and getting on with business as usual to really focus on the different ways the future might play out.

Constantly contemplating the impacts and implications that current (or sudden) changes might have on your team, organisation and ecosystem need not be an excessively time consuming task. Andrew can teach you a quick, simple and effective technique that you can immediately apply to explore multiple possible and plausible paths that the future might hold, in order for you to begin building toward the preferred future(s) that you wish to see come about.

This core technique forms the basis of "applied futuring" and is regularly used by teams and organisations of all sizes.

He will lead your group in a fun (no seriously ..... it is LOADS of fun!) and engaging interactive workshop applying the age old principles of storytelling to uncover topics, concepts, ideas and actionable outcomes that can inform strategies relating to change and business transformation, innovation, new product development, culture change, process optimisation, customer experience and so much more.

In addition to the above ........... this simple, six-step technique will also give you the skill to deliver the best presentations you could ever imagine!

Andrew's mantra is:-

"The story of the future is not yet written, don't wait to read about it as history made by someone else".

Are you ready to write the future of your team, your organisation, perhaps of society itself?


Workshop size - 1 - 30 participants (*)

Duration - 90 mins / half day / full day (**)

Click here for a detailed brochure about this session.

PLEASE NOTE - the duration depends on audience size and desired outcome.

This session can be used to kick off a full day activity around a specific challenge or it can be used as a simple team exercise and skill transfer to be applied later - please contact Andrew to discuss your requirements.

(*) If delivered as a webinar, size may be limited by your preferred webinar system and technology limitations

(**) Standard webinar duration for straightforward skills transfer is 60 mins

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