Multicolour M&M's depicting diversity in innovation

Diversity Drives Innovation

Innovation is core to the growth and survival of all organisations today.

The correlation between increased diversity and increased innovation has been empirically proven and is a huge area of opportunity to explore.

Diverse teams solve problems faster - it's a fact!!

Just like the M&M's in the header image, diversity comes in many flavours - gender, age, education, career path, cultural, cognitive and many more.

In this thought provoking and inspiring session full of real world anecdotes and examples, Andrew covers:-

  • what do we mean by "innovation"?
  • what are some of the barriers to innovation?
  • how does Diversity Drive Innovation?

Successful companies know that it's not good enough to (just) have an innovation or transformation department - success is amplified when diversity and inclusion results in everyone in the organisation thinking and acting more innovatively in everything they do.

Std duration - 30 minutes

Target audience - from the most senior leadership to the very bottom of the organisation chart - this is a diverse and fully inclusive session!

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