I always welcome curious questions that enable me to explore the topics that I talk about in a bit more depth as there is only so much you can cram into a keynote before the audience suffers from information overload! A podcast provides the perfect opportunity to share extra anecdotes and insights that hopefully you will find helpful.

Please feel free to download and listen at your leisure or stream as appropriate.

The Innovation Podcast series hosted by Martin Lucas

I'm kicking off with a 10 episode series in collaboration with Martin Lucas from Mastermindset.

Martin is is an extraordinary person! Tested savant on the autism spectrum, his mind simply works in ways that are beyond comprehension (well, to me at least!!) he is without a doubt, pure genius. I was excited when Martin approached me with the idea to kick off my Igniting Innovation podcast with an exploration of the Innovation Ecosystem and I leapt at the opportunity to collaborate with him. If you're into sports in any way, you know that the best way to improve your skills is by competing against people better than you - that's when you really bring your "A-game" to the field. Working with Martin is the mental equivalent of doing just that - he teased my "Innovation A-game" out of me and I really hope you enjoy the insights and anecdotes that I share in this series.

  1. What is innovation ? - hint, it's NOT (always) "Invention"
  2. Where does innovation take place? - this actually IS a bit of a trick question!
  3. Do you know what you don't know? - no, it's not a trick question this time
  4. How do you stimulate an innovation culture? - it's hard - I give you some ideas about where to start
  5. How do you envision the future? - I share a simple technique that you can put into practice immediately
  6. Innovation myth busting - "but we have an innovation funnel" - that's enough isn't it? (errrrr .......)
  7. How do you measure innovation? - I've struggled with this in the past - I don't have all the answers but I have some questions to get you going 🙂
  8. Let's talk about the Fear of Failure - the primary reason most people don't get started in the first place!
  9. Beyond the obvious - new products and service improvements are the obvious benefits - but there are far more to consider.
  10. What does Innovation have in common with Making Moonshine? A lot more than you might think!
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