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Igniting Innovation multi-format show

Innovation, Change & Transformation

Even after spending over 35 years in innovation, change and transformation, I still have so much more to learn from others. We have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason – we need to listen more than we speak! So when I’m not speaking on a stage or facilitating workshops, these innovation podcasts and shows provide the perfect opportunity for me to invite guests to share anecdotes and insights that hopefully you will find helpful in igniting your innovation initiatives and just generally getting stuff done.

Overcoming Barriers & Obstacles (audio & video)

Anyone who has ever tried to change anything, will know that the path is full of barriers and obstacles to overcome. The most difficult of these are people, processes, misconceptions, misunderstandings, mis-management and a whole host of other barriers to change and transformation.

I call these “Monsters and Myths” as many of them are intangible, but have a very real impact on progress.

In this series, I invite a wide variety of global guests who have encountered barriers and obstacles themselves. We explore how they manifest, the impact they have and how they have tried (and hopefully succeeded) to overcome them.

Louise Smith Chair of Innovate Finance UK shares Monsters and Myths

Lou Smith talks Change and Transformation

Transformation is tough - there, I've said it! People are naturally resistant to change and when a transformation project is announced, many people will immediately hide behind their barriers and...

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The Way Innovation Works (audio only)

My first ever foray into the world of podcasts was brought about by Martin Lucas.

Martin is is an extraordinary person! Tested savant on the autism spectrum, his mind simply works in ways that are beyond comprehension (well, to me at least!!) he is without a doubt, pure genius. I was excited when Martin approached me with the idea to kick off my Igniting Innovation podcast with an exploration of the Innovation Ecosystem and I leapt at the opportunity to collaborate with him. If you’re into sports in any way, you know that the best way to improve your skills is by competing against people better than you – that’s when you really bring your “A-game” to the field. Working with Martin is the mental equivalent of doing just that – he teased my “Innovation A-game” out of me and I really hope you enjoy the insights and anecdotes that I share in this series.