I always welcome curious questions that enable me to explore the topics that I talk about in a bit more depth as there is only so much you can cram into a keynote before the audience suffers from information overload! A podcast provides the perfect opportunity to share extra anecdotes and insights that hopefully you will find helpful.

Please feel free to download and listen at your leisure or stream as appropriate.

The Innovation Podcast series hosted by Martin Lucas

This series is a collaboration with Martin Lucas from Mastermindset.

Martin is is an extraordinary person! Tested savant on the autism spectrum, his mind simply works in ways that are beyond comprehension (well, to me at least!!) he is without a doubt, pure genius. I was extremely flattered when Martin approached me with the idea to do a 10 part podcast series on Innovation and I leapt at the opportunity to collaborate with him. If you're into sports in any way, you know that the best way to improve your skills is by competing against people better than you - that's when you really bring your "A-game" to the field. Working with Martin is the mental equivalent of doing just that - he teased my "Innovation A-game" out of me and I really hope you enjoy the insights and anecdotes that I share in this series.

If you just can't wait to hear more then feel free to fire up the entire playlist on the Spotify link below

distilling ideas

Distilling ideas requires heat and pressure

This final podcast episode is the summary of a very visual metaphor (not another method or framework) of my own creation that is designed to inspire everyone in the audience to get involved and become more innovative in their thinking and in everything they do and it brings all of the above concepts together.

As I commissioned a children's book illustrator to bring it all to life for me it is FAR more entertaining and informative in real life as a keynote than it is on this podcast. If what you hear resonates with you then please consider engaging me for your next event - I can promise that it's not like anything you will ever have seen before!

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The entire series is also available on Spotify  - just click on the link to the right.