Tony Hughes shares Monsters and Myths of Sales

Tony Hughes shares the top Monsters and Myths of Sales

"the one about ourselves"

Sales is the biggest monster I have faced and have yet to overcome.

We ALL have to "sell" at some point in our life - to get a job or promotion, to find a romantic partner, to get investment or support of an idea, to be accepted in a team - and many, many more occasions. Some people really excel at sales - I'm NOT one of those people and nothing on earth strikes as much fear in me as the prospect of having to sell .......... anything!

I therefore really appreciated the advice shared by Tony Hughes on how to overcome the biggest and most common sales monsters and myths that he frequently encounters. Tony is a renowned public speaker, author and co-founder of Sales IQ Global. He coaches and mentors individuals and teams around the world, leading them on a path towards sales excellence. He is also the most read person on the topic of B2B selling on LinkedIn and has over half a million subscribers!

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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In this episode, Tony gave us 3 "double headers" - exposing a sales monster and corresponding myth each time:-

  1. the Monster of Sales and the Myth that "it's all about me"
  2. the Monster of Goal Setting and the Myth that you can be successful without (explicitly writing down) goals
  3. the Monster of Change and the Myth that "I don't need to"

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