Pedro Pinto Technology Monsters and Myths

Technology Monsters and Myths shared by Technology Leader Pedro Pinto

"the one that's not about technology"

Pedro Pinto is a Technology Leader whose teams have been responsible for many groundbreaking innovations across multiple industries over the years. As is always the case with the Tribe of Troublemakers (aka fellow innovators), this means he has come face to face with many Monsters and Myths (barriers and obstacles) in his path.

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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In this episode, Pedro shares the top three which cause the most Mayhem:-

  1. the "ChickenEgg" Monster - which asks for the ROI of an idea
  2. the "AI-mageddon" myth - which is up to us to prevent from becoming reality
  3. the "City of Babel" myth - related to future SmartCity development

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