Stan Horwitz Transformation Director shares Monsters and Myths

Stan Horwitz shares Digital Transformation Monsters and Myths

"the one about Digital Transformation"

Stan Horwitz is an internationally certified and accredited Master OD, Change and HR specialist (UK CIPD Fellow equivalent) who has encountered many Monsters and Myths over the course of his career as he strives to drive change and transformation across organisations.

Stan and I go waaaaaay back however as we met in our teens while serving 2 years active duty in the South African Defence Force together. Back then, we faced many real barriers and obstacles that we had to learn to overcome and although the physical and emotional scars have long since healed, we learned many lessons which we still aplly to our lives to this day.

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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In this interview he shines the light on :-

  1. the "Myth of Digital Transformation" - that is widely perpetuated these days
  2. the "Monster of Digital Transformation" - when the Myth becomes a Monster
  3. the "Known Monster" - which forces us to question if what we think we know is true

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