Adrian Holt Monsters and Myths interview

S2E09 Adrian Holt – Innovation Monsters and Myths

"the one with the 20 storey multi-headed monster"

Adrian Holt has had a long career in the military, where he was a founding member of the MOD's jHUB innovation facility before moving onto his current role as Head of Defence at Capita Consulting.

I met Adrian at an event where he had shared a fascinating presentation about the challenges of open innovation and collaborating with the startup community from while working within the confines and culture of the military. His presentation left me with one overarching question - "if the military can find a way, what's stopping YOU???".

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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Adrian has of course encountered a plethora of Monsters and Myths on his journey to date and in this session he covers:-

  1. The Myth that "innovation is all about creativity" - which of course it isn't
  2. The Myth of "the Frozen Middle (management)" - it's not them, it's you ........
  3. The "Multi-headed Monster of Integration" - the biggest one described (visually) on the show so far!

He also throws in the "Toxic Innovation" monster - just for good measure 🙂

There are many interesting insights Adrian shares that will make you pause for thought.

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