Robert Wood Monsters and Myths interview

S2E08 Robert Wood – Innovation Monsters and Myths

"the one with the Bloody Mary"

Robert (Rob) Wood embodies innovation, although that's not something you will ever hear him say about himself!

This former Marine turned Drinks Iconoclast has a slew of awards under his belt gained via his grounbreaking and entrepreneurial achievements and yet he introduces himself as "a bartender" ....... which in my personal opinion is akin to Heston Blumenthal introducing himself as a "cook" ............

Rob has encountered many Monsters and Myths on his journey so far and he shares some of the ways they manifest themselves within his industry, which are in fact applicable to any and all industries I've worked within.

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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In this session we discuss:-

  1. The Monster of "Innovation for innovation's sake" - just because you can, doesn't mean you should
  2. The Myth that "Doing it all yourself is always better" - when it's often best to collaborate with a specialist
  3. The Myth that "Money can buy success" - money really can't buy you everything!

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If you'd like to find out more about him or get in contact, you can find him on:-

Instagram:- @bonvivantbartenderĀ

Twitter:- @InRobWeTrust


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