Marc Dowd shares his Monsters and Myths

S2E07 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Marc Dowd

"the one with the electronic suggestion box"

I've known Marc for many years - ever since he was (unfortunately for him) assigned as my "CIO Advisor" by the organisation he was working for at the time. I quickly grew to trust his advice and I valued the many and varied conversations we've had over the years - and not just because he shares a common passion for motorcycles! (Don't worry, sadly we don't talk about them in the show).

As a CIO advisor, Marc has encountered many more Monsters and Myths than most as he gets to see and hear about them across all his clients and organisations he advises - so I was really pleased when he agreed to be on the show.

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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Marc's top 3 list is composed of:-

  1. The Myth of "the Need for Innovation" - Marc asks "why?"
  2. The Monster of the "electronic suggestion box"
  3. The Myth of "Who Needs to be Involved" - it's probably not who you think should be

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