Katryna Dow shares monsters and myths

S2E06 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Katryna Dow

"the one with the plane crash"

Katryna Dow, CEO and Founder of Meeco.me specifically requested that we record this episode on Friday 13th November ........ not just any Friday 13th, but a Friday 13th in 2020!!! Given how the year has gone so far I figured "what the heck - it can't get any worse now can it??".

Thankfully the interview went off without a hitch 😜

Having got to know Katryna quite well over the last 6 or so years and having had MANY meandering conversations about life, the universe and everything, I knew that once we got going, the conversation would go in unexpected directions and it certainly did - instead of focussing purely on the negatives in the form of barriers and obstacles, Katryna shares words of hope and encouragement for startup founders, changemakers and dreamers everywhere!

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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The conversation roamed across:-

  1. The Mindset Monsters - both the ones you face in the form of the fixed mindsets of others and the Monster of self doubt that most founders face at some point in their journey
  2. The Misconception that we are not accountable for unintended consequences of our actions
  3. The Magic of Signposts - the often overlooked need to be aware of the signs along the way

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If you'd like to find out more about Katryna and Meeco, take a look here:-

LinkedIn:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrynadow/

Twitter:- https://twitter.com/katrynadow

Meeco website :- https://meeco.me/  and a great 1 minute explainer video of what Meeco is all about can be found here:- https://meeco.wistia.com/medias/363hhq0gtx

Meeco Twitter :- https://twitter.com/meeco_me


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