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S2E05 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Leda Glyptis (Part2)

"the one where we are out of time"

If you caught part (1) of the Innovation Monsters & Myths interview with Leda Glyptis then you'll know what to expect from part (2) and if you didn't catch part(1) yet then I have to ask WHY NOT??? 🤔

Leda told us in part (1) that she made lists - yes, that's plural LISTS of monsters, myths, misconceptions and many more obstacles and barriers to innovation that she has faced and overcome again and again and again ...... like many of us changemakers, she has accumulated many stories over the years and could write the handbook on how to handle them (please don't - that's my idea 😳) - so watch this space as I fully intend to have her back on the show in the future!!!

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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The mood swings a bit darker as Leda talks about three Myths that she has come across that really inhibit change and transformation in organisations:-

  1. The myth of "the invetiability of progress" - progress is NOT inevitable .......... you have to work at it
  2. The myth that "we have time" - which gives us a false sense of security and delays decisions ....  until we don't have any time
  3. The myth of "choice" - we like to think that we have more choice than we actually have

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