Leda Glyptis Monsters and Myths

S2E04 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Leda Glyptis (Part1)

"the one with the spiky dinosaur"

With a PhD in Politics, you might wonder what Leda Glyptis is doing on a show about Innovation - although Monsters, Myths and Politics sort of go hand in hand don't they .......? But make no mistake about it - Leda has over a decade of experience leading organisation change and transformation and heading up innovation departments at BNY Mellon, Sapient, QNB and most recently as the CEO of 11 FS Foundry.

I met Leda a few years ago on the speaking circuit and her outspoken attitude and willingness to challenge the accepted norms immediately resonated with me. I've also thouroughly enjoyed her thought leadership and provocative weekly missives in the form of #LedaWrites (follow her on LinkedIn to get these!!) and I was ecstatic when she agreed to be on the show.

She exceeded all expectations by creating multiple lists of Monsters and Myths, finally selecting 3 Monsters AND 3 Myths to talk about, resulting in our first DOUBLE EPISODE special of the season!

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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In Part (1) we discuss her chosen Monsters in the form of :-

  1. "Milton Waddams" Monsters - Milton being the character from the Office Space TV series who epitomises "the view from the desk"
  2. The (fear of) "Accountability Monster" - which manifests as everyone being unnecessarily CC'd into every single communication
  3. The "Can Opener" Monster - aka "using the wrong tool for the job" (or not using the right tool for the right job)

Oh - and the conversation kicks off talking about dinosaurs - which aren't Monsters or Myths at all - but very relevant to innovation culture - you'll have to watch / listen to find out why 😜

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