James Dodkins Monsters and Myths interview

S2E03 Innovation Monsters and Myths – James Dodkins

"the one with the Prince of Darkness"

I've interviewed many people from different walks of life in my career, but this is the first time I've ever interviewed a bona fide, guitar toting ROCKSTAR!!

James Dodkins used to play in a multi-award winning heavy metal rock band and he now brings that same passion and energy to keynote stages, workshops and customer experience training courses all over the world. James shares with us how he became THE CX ROCKSTAR and we dive into some of the many myths he faces in his work as a customer experience professional.

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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In this interview, James talks about:-

  1. The myth that all you need to do is "ask your customer"
  2. The "what is customer experience?" myth that constrains thinking and holds people back from creating a truly transformational customer experience
  3. The "company structure" myth that has been perpetuated for hundreds of years as being the right way to do things

We go off on a couple of tangents and James is generous in sharing a phenomenal amount of fantastic advice for those willing to make a change.

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