Anette Brolos Monsters and Myths

S2E02 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Anette Broløs

"the one where innovators know better than customers"

Dr Anette Broløs is a highly qualified consultant, researcher, public speaker, moderator and published author but perhaps most relevant of all to this topic is that she has a PhD in Collaborative Innovation - meaning she has encountered her fair share of Innovation Monsters and Myths in her life!!

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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Anette introduces us to her monsters and myths in the form of:-

  1. The Myth that the innovators always know best (or better than the customers they are targetting!!)
  2. The "Blind to Innovation (opportunity)" monster
  3. The "Innovation Speed" monster

and she shares her thoughts, insights and advice on how to overcome them.

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If you're interested in reading more from Anette, here are a few links of interest:-

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The book chapter on "Financial Technology and the Gender Gap"

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And the Copenhagen Fintech "Fintech Matters" podcast:


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