Interview with Rosie and Faris Yakob

S2E010 Rosie and Faris Yakob – Creative Monsters and Myths

"the one with the inner critic"

Rosie and Faris Yakob are the geniuses behind the nomadic creative consultancy Genius Steals. They have traveled the world and worked with amazing individuals and organisations of all sizes, accumulating a long list of accolades and achievements along the way.

To me they are the epitomy of creativity and as creativity is a core component of innovation, I knew that they would have encountered many Monsters and Myths in their lives as they continually push the boundaries of possibility!

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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I was keen to hear what they deem to be the biggest barriers on the path to progress and the ensuing conversation was both entertaining and intellectually stimulating as they shared:-

  1. The "Inner Critic Monster" - that we all have to deal with at some point
  2. The "Myth of Originality" - nothing is truly new ...........
  3. The "Myth of Personal Advertising" - that has become a Monster in today's world

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