Roland Naidoo Innovation Monsters and Myths

S2E01 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Roland Naidoo

"the one with the story about the cops"

The Monsters and Myths series kicks off with Customer Experience Professional Roland Naidoo

I met Roland in 2017 at a Customer Experience event in South Africa where he delivered a superb keynote about "raising" an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and since then we have become firm friends and co-conspirators. During our many hours of conversations together, it became clear that Roland has faced and conquered his fair share of Monsters and Myths and I'm sure he will continue to encounter many more on his journey.

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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In this interview Roland introduces us to his pet peeves of:-

  1. The Myth that Technology is Innovation
  2. Technology Monsters that don't translate into great customer experiences
  3. The Innovation Measurement Monster

and he provides insight into how he attempts to overcome them in his role as "generic corporate troublemaker".

He also shares a few brilliant anecdotes from real world experiences he has had, that perfectly illustrate the points he makes - no spoilers - you've going to have to listen or watch for yourself!

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