Nikolas Venios founder of The Ideas Agency talks about the problems with ideas

Nikolas Venios talks about the problems with ideas

"the one with the problems"

The problem with ideas is that they're not really useful if you're solving the wrong problem in the first place! That's just one of the many insights shared by Nikolas (Nik) Venios, Founder of The Ideas Agency, in this session.

As a fellow change maker / disruptor / innovator, Nik has faced a myriad of Monsters and Myths while working with clients of all sizes from global multi-nationals, to solopreneurs and everything in between.  In his experience, the most common of these are the problems with ideas and he shares:-

  1. The Two Headed Imposter Monster
  2. The Myth of Atlas and The Weight of The World
  3. The Idea Monster

To get the detail, you'll have to listen / watch the show on the links below as I'm not giving any further spoilers 🤪

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How many Monsters & Myths could we


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