Louise Smith Chair of Innovate Finance UK shares Monsters and Myths

Lou Smith talks Change and Transformation

"the one where things go wrong"

Transformation is tough - there, I've said it! People are naturally resistant to change and when a transformation project is announced, many people will immediately hide behind their barriers and throw obstacles in the path of change.

I saw a tweet thread a while back that called on people to list 5 topics they could speak about with zero preparation - it was fun discovering a few wacky things things I never knew about my Twitter friends but one tweet stood out for me. It wasn't the 5 topics that interested me as much as the follow on statement of "and the mistakes I've made and the lessons I've learned from them" - BOOM!!

The tweet came from Louise (Lou) Smith and I knew I had to invite her on the show to share her insights and lessons learned.

Lou is the current Chair of Innovate Finance. She is also Fintech Envoy to HM Treasury and amongst her previous roles she was Chief Digital Officer for Lloyds Bank - I was sure that she had encountered MANY Monsters and Myths in her career and I wasn't wrong!

She shared:-

  1. The Myth that transformation is about the end result
  2. The Monster of Missed Things
  3. The Steamy Windows Monster

To find out more, you'll have to watch / listen to the show and you can find out more about her on LinkedIn here:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/louise-smith-70b72a14/ or follow her on twitter here https://twitter.com/itslousmith

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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