Interview with imposter syndrome specialist Tara Hallidy

Imposter Syndrome Monsters and Myths with Tara Halliday

"the one that's not not what you think"

Have you encountered the Imposter Syndrome Monster yet?

Have you ever felt that your skills and experience are simply "not enough" for you to open your mouth and provide an opinion in front of your peers? Or perhaps you've passed up the opportunity to apply for a promotion or ask for a raise at work because you think that you don't have what it takes (even though you probably do)? Have you sat in a room thinking "what am I doing here, I feel like a fraud"?

As a professional public speaker, I've frequently faced this monster.

I've felt like a fraud walking out on stage in front of experts in their field who have all come to listen to me deliver a keynote. It's not a confidence thing - people who know me know I don't lack confidence and people that have seen me on stage never believe that I have to frequently overcome this obstacle.

So I was intrigued and excited to be introduced to Tara Halliday, an Imposter Syndrome Specialist and Author who helps people conquer the Monster of Imposter Syndrome that rears its head in so many different situations and prevents them from achieving their goals.

In this interview she shares the "magic" to overcome:-

  1. the Myth that "Imposter syndrome is a personal flaw"
  2. the Myth that "Imposter syndrome affects women more than men"
  3. the Myth that "Imposter syndrome is a confidence issue"
  4. and a bonus Monster of "asking for what you want"

Find out if YOU have Imposter Syndrome by doing this free quiz from Tara

And you can find out more about her here:-

LinkedIn :-



And don't forget to ask for what you want ....... (hint:- some help from Tara!!!)

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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