Becky Downing shares her biggest Monsters and Myths

Becky Downing shares the biggest Monsters and Myths encountered by Entrepreneurs

"the one with the viruses"

Becky Downing is a serial entrepreneur who started trying to change the world way back when she was still in school (it didn't go as planned - you'll have to watch / listen to find out what happened).

She went on to be one of the few female founders globally that has raised in excess of £20 million in Angel and VC funding for her startups and was recognised as "One of the 200 most influential people in Tech (UK)" in 2015.

But the journey of an entrepreneur does not always end in Unicornville, even though it might look like you're headed in that direction. The road has many unexpected twists and turns and sadly the current pandemic was just one obstacle too many for Becky to overcome.

I am honoured that this is the very first time her story has been shared, complete with all the ups and downs, as she slowly recovers from "co-dependicitus" (given the current circumstances, she has most appropriately decided to give each one of the Monsters and Myths Virus names!!).

How many Monsters & Myths could we


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In this highly entertaining and extremely informative interview, Becky discusses:-

  1. "Big Idea Influenza" - where you catch more than a cold
  2. "Ignoramus Passionitis" - which can have servere side effects
  3. "Timing-19" - which can be as devestating as the pandemic
  4. "Co-dependicitis" - which is an extremely painful affliction

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