Ajit Chambers takes a different view of who the monsters really are

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later on a show that hosts changemakers – Ajit Chambers turned the concept on its head and took a contrarian view of who the Monsters are and how manufacturing Myths can help you to achieve your goals. Ajit is a seasoned Banker (but please don’t hold that […]

image of a cult used as header for The Loch podcast Monsters & Myths

“the one with the cult” – Thea Loch

Thea Loch has significant experience of driving change and transformation from “both sides” of the fence – initially as a consultant and currently as the Head of Group Optimisation at Lloyds Banking Group in the UK. She’s seen, and overcome, a myriad of Monsters and Myths in her time and undoubtedly will conquer many more […]

Nikolas Venios founder of The Ideas Agency talks about the problems with ideas

Nikolas Venios talks about the problems with ideas

The problem with ideas is that they’re not really useful if you’re solving the wrong problem in the first place! That’s just one of the many insights shared by Nikolas (Nik) Venios, Founder of The Ideas Agency, in this session. As a fellow change maker / disruptor / innovator, Nik has faced a myriad of […]

Louise Smith Chair of Innovate Finance UK shares Monsters and Myths

Lou Smith talks Change and Transformation

Transformation is tough – there, I’ve said it! People are naturally resistant to change and when a transformation project is announced, many people will immediately hide behind their barriers and throw obstacles in the path of change. I saw a tweet thread a while back that called on people to list 5 topics they could […]

Interview with imposter syndrome specialist Tara Hallidy

Imposter Syndrome Monsters and Myths with Tara Halliday

Have you encountered the Imposter Syndrome Monster yet? Have you ever felt that your skills and experience are simply “not enough” for you to open your mouth and provide an opinion in front of your peers? Or perhaps you’ve passed up the opportunity to apply for a promotion or ask for a raise at work […]

Pedro Pinto Technology Monsters and Myths

Technology Monsters and Myths shared by Technology Leader Pedro Pinto

Pedro Pinto is a Technology Leader whose teams have been responsible for many groundbreaking innovations across multiple industries over the years. As is always the case with the Tribe of Troublemakers (aka fellow innovators), this means he has come face to face with many Monsters and Myths (barriers and obstacles) in his path. How many […]

Tony Hughes shares Monsters and Myths of Sales

Tony Hughes shares the top Monsters and Myths of Sales

Sales is the biggest monster I have faced and have yet to overcome. We ALL have to “sell” at some point in our life – to get a job or promotion, to find a romantic partner, to get investment or support of an idea, to be accepted in a team – and many, many more […]

Jason Mars talks about Monsters and Myths of Artificial Intelligence

Jason Mars shares Artificial Intelligence Monsters and Myths

Prof. Jason Mars PhD is one of the world leaders in the realm of “conversational artificial intelligence” (THE world leader by my personal assessment!). He is on a mission to have a meaningful impact on the lives of every human and if you take a look at what he and his team at Clinc.com have […]

Stan Horwitz Transformation Director shares Monsters and Myths

Stan Horwitz shares Digital Transformation Monsters and Myths

Stan Horwitz is an internationally certified and accredited Master OD, Change and HR specialist (UK CIPD Fellow equivalent) who has encountered many Monsters and Myths over the course of his career as he strives to drive change and transformation across organisations. Stan and I go waaaaaay back however as we met in our teens while […]

Interview with Rosie and Faris Yakob

S2E010 Rosie and Faris Yakob – Creative Monsters and Myths

Rosie and Faris Yakob are the geniuses behind the nomadic creative consultancy Genius Steals. They have traveled the world and worked with amazing individuals and organisations of all sizes, accumulating a long list of accolades and achievements along the way. To me they are the epitomy of creativity and as creativity is a core component […]

Adrian Holt Monsters and Myths interview

S2E09 Adrian Holt – Innovation Monsters and Myths

Adrian Holt has had a long career in the military, where he was a founding member of the MOD’s jHUB innovation facility before moving onto his current role as Head of Defence at Capita Consulting. I met Adrian at an event where he had shared a fascinating presentation about the challenges of open innovation and […]

Robert Wood Monsters and Myths interview

S2E08 Robert Wood – Innovation Monsters and Myths

Robert (Rob) Wood embodies innovation, although that’s not something you will ever hear him say about himself! This former Marine turned Drinks Iconoclast has a slew of awards under his belt gained via his grounbreaking and entrepreneurial achievements and yet he introduces himself as “a bartender” ……. which in my personal opinion is akin to […]

Marc Dowd shares his Monsters and Myths

S2E07 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Marc Dowd

I’ve known Marc for many years – ever since he was (unfortunately for him) assigned as my “CIO Advisor” by the organisation he was working for at the time. I quickly grew to trust his advice and I valued the many and varied conversations we’ve had over the years – and not just because he […]

Katryna Dow shares monsters and myths

S2E06 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Katryna Dow

Katryna Dow, CEO and Founder of Meeco.me specifically requested that we record this episode on Friday 13th November …….. not just any Friday 13th, but a Friday 13th in 2020!!! Given how the year has gone so far I figured “what the heck – it can’t get any worse now can it??”. Thankfully the interview […]

Leda Glyptis Innovation myths

S2E05 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Leda Glyptis (Part2)

If you caught part (1) of the Innovation Monsters & Myths interview with Leda Glyptis then you’ll know what to expect from part (2) and if you didn’t catch part(1) yet then I have to ask WHY NOT??? 🤔 Leda told us in part (1) that she made lists – yes, that’s plural LISTS of […]

Leda Glyptis Monsters and Myths

S2E04 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Leda Glyptis (Part1)

With a PhD in Politics, you might wonder what Leda Glyptis is doing on a show about Innovation – although Monsters, Myths and Politics sort of go hand in hand don’t they …….? But make no mistake about it – Leda has over a decade of experience leading organisation change and transformation and heading up […]

James Dodkins Monsters and Myths interview

S2E03 Innovation Monsters and Myths – James Dodkins

I’ve interviewed many people from different walks of life in my career, but this is the first time I’ve ever interviewed a bona fide, guitar toting ROCKSTAR!! James Dodkins used to play in a multi-award winning heavy metal rock band and he now brings that same passion and energy to keynote stages, workshops and customer […]

Anette Brolos Monsters and Myths

S2E02 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Anette Broløs

Dr Anette Broløs is a highly qualified consultant, researcher, public speaker, moderator and published author but perhaps most relevant of all to this topic is that she has a PhD in Collaborative Innovation – meaning she has encountered her fair share of Innovation Monsters and Myths in her life!! How many Monsters & Myths could […]

Roland Naidoo Innovation Monsters and Myths

S2E01 Innovation Monsters and Myths – Roland Naidoo

The Monsters and Myths series kicks off with Customer Experience Professional Roland Naidoo I met Roland in 2017 at a Customer Experience event in South Africa where he delivered a superb keynote about “raising” an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and since then we have become firm friends and co-conspirators. During our many hours of conversations together, […]

Podcast episode 10

Ep10 The Art and Science of Innovation

Innovation is a blend of Art and Science and it takes place in a broad and messy ecosystem that has far more in common with making moonshine that you might think 🙂

Podcast episode 9

Ep9 Innovation benefits beyond the obvious

Everyone focuses on the obvious benefits of innovation activities – but there are many more implications to being known as an innovative organisation that will have an impact across your company.

Podcast episode 8

Ep8 The Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is one of the most common reasons why people don’t want to be associated with anything to do with innovation. In this episode, I share some of the activities that have helped me overcome the inherent fear of the unknown that many people have in the hope that you find it useful too.

Podcast episode 7

Ep7 How do you measure innovation impact?

Measuring the impact of your innovation initiatives is crucial to maintaining momentum and funding within your organisation – but innovation measurement is also a controversial and hotly contested topic – I don’t have all the answers, but hopefully some of my questions will help you to communicate the impact you are having.

Podcast episode 6

Ep6 Innovation Myth Busting

Innovation takes place in an eco-system and that there are multiple process that contribute towards making an organisation more innovative – (just) having an “innovation funnel” doesn’t cut it!

Podcast Ep 5

Ep5 How do you envision the future?

In recent years, the media has hyped the role of a “futurist” as “someone that predicts the future”. Most people don’t consider themselves capable of envisioning the kinds of futures posited by leading futurists and they stand in awe or are bewildered by the thought process required. In this episode I share a simple technique […]

Igniting Innovation podcast

Ep4 How do you stimulate an innovation culture?

Analyst group Gartner considers Corporate Culture to be the biggest threat / impediment to innovation and I agree! The goal should not be to “do” innovation but rather for the entire organisation to “be” more innovative in everything they do.But this often requires a dramatic cultural shift across the company – which is particularly difficult the larger the organisation and the longer people have been there.So where do you start? I share a few ideas – listen on!

Igniting Innovation podcast

Ep3 Do you know what you don’t know?

How do you know what you don’t know? This isn’t a trick question and it stems from something a previous CEO said to me. Many of the people that I speak to simply have no idea where or how to start looking out for the things that might have an impact on their work and […]