Horizon Scanning TIPS (Technologies, Innovations, Patents and Startups)

Technologies, Innovations, Patents and Startups (TIPS) are amongst the most disruptive forces facing business today. Identifying these forces and contemplating the impacts and implications they will have on you, your team, your organisation, your industry, your suppliers, your competitors and even on society and people's behaviours has become a critical skill for everyone in business to develop. I frequently talk about the need for Horizon Scanning and I've previously outlined a high level approach (complete with a handy downloadable Infographic for free - no registration required - it's my gift to you!!) - but many people have asked me to explain the process in more detail and provide more structure. As a result, I've created a notebook / journal of blank templates to help get things moving.


This handy A5 sized softcover notebook / journal is designed to be kept with you at all times - during conferences, events, exhibitions and meetings with customers, suppliers, partners etc. Use it to record the changes you see around you. Take time to consider the impacts and implications and follow the guidelines and prompts provided.

The suggested guidelines will help you to complete the internal templates which are based around 3 core questions:-

  • What?
    • What is new that you hadn’t seen before?
    • What has changed from the last time you saw it?
    • What is on the horizon?
  • So what?
    • Will this have a direct (or indirect) impact on you, your company, your industry, your competitors, your supply chain, your customers?
    • Does this open up new opportunities?
    • Does this alter any previous assumptions about “the art of the possible”?
  • Now what?
    • What action should you take?
    • What should you being doing about it?
    • Who needs to know about it?

The template also includes prompts for :-

  • Timeframe
  • Scope
  • Impact
  • Probability
  • Urgency and
  • Action

All of which are covered in the guidelines.

TIPS internal page
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You are encouraged to revisit your journal frequently. As everything you are tracking will now be in one place, you will find it much easier to start "connecting the dots" and identifying "signals" and "trends" that emerge over time. The more you use this journal to capture your thoughts, the more value you will get out of it - so get started today!


Further pages are being added to this resource to cover each section in more detail in response to feedback from prototype users - please check back periodically or feel free to contact me directly with any suggestions or questions.



This journal is in the final stages of prototyping and is currently only available directly from me or you will receive it by participating in one of my  TIPS Horizon Scanning Workshops.

If you are interested in participating in the prototype feedback phase, please contact me directly by email - if you are not an existing client or connection and don't have my direct email address then please feel free to use the "hello" link at the bottom of any page on this site.

The final version will be available to purchase globally via Amazon.

This is the first publication in the Innovation Toolkit series - please click here for more information.