Innovation Toolkit

The Innovation Toolkit is a series of tools, techniques and processes that Andrew has developed, used or refined over the last three decades.

This page will be continually updated and added to as more of the tools are published so please bookmark and come back again soon.

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Tracking TIPS

Being aware and keeping track of what is going on in the world around you is a key step towards being more innovative in everything you do.

This section covers the tips and techniques of "Horizon Scanning", which is an activity that you can get your entire team or organisation involved in, acting as your eyes and ears while they go about their lives.

The story of your future as told by you

Future vision

How do you "envision the future"?

Have you ever thought how a futurist manages to come up with so many scenarios of how the future might turn out? Find out about the simplest way to get started on creating a future vision right now!

Opportunity mapping

Opportunity mapping

If you don't know where you are going, how will you ever get there?

Visually keeping track of opportunities and challenges will help you to decide what to do now, what to focus on next and what to keep an eye on for the future.