Innovation Monsters and Myths show

Innovation Monsters and Myths

Anyone who has ever embarked on a journey of innovation will know that there are many monsters to defeat and myths to dispel along the way.

I've often shared stories on keynote stages all over the world of the innovation monsters and myths I've personally encountered over the last 30 plus years of leading and participating in innovation and transformation initiatives, in order to inspire and motivate people to overcome these innovation inhibitors and explore the Art of the Possible.

It doesn't matter what geography, industry or audience I present to, there is always a large number of nods of agreement from those present who have battled the same demons and more. After these types of sessions, a tribe of troublemakers (aka "innovators") will typically gather around me to share their own scary stories and offer advice on alternative strategies that have worked for them.

You might be familiar with a few of the innovation monsters and myths yourself.

For example:-

The "creativity myth" where people are of the firm belief that only creative people are innovative .......... which is utter nonsense of course.

Or perhaps you've faced my old familier friend "Chronosaurus" whose name is derived from "Chronophobia - the irrational fear of the passing of time". Chronosaurus tends to cultivate a deep rooted fear of change across organisations and is one of the most common innovation inhibitors I've come across.

Monsters And Myths of Innovation

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I could (and will) write a book about these innovation monsters and myths with examples and suggestions on strategies to overcome them, but first I am gathering more stories from the many people I've met over the years and even more who I've not yet heard from.

The Monsters and Myths show is a collection of video interviews with as diverse a set of victims guests from as wide a range of industries as I can possibly muster. One of the most innovative things anyone can do is to learn from other people - particularly those outside of your own industry as they will bring a fresh perspective to your thinking and you might just discover that even though every organisation is unique, there are many common challenges to face on your innovation journey.

The interviews are published on YouTube here and also published as podcasts across all the major streaming channels - you might as well subscribe now to the media of your preference as you're not going to want to miss any of the episodes!

If YOU are willing to share your story, please get in contact with me (all communication channels are in the page footer) and if you have any suggestions on who might be a great guest on the show, please share this post with them or give me a warm intro to them via email or LinkedIn - the more stories we can share, the better equipped we will be to overcome the monsters and myths and move forward on our respective innovation journeys!