How would you benefit?

Andrew will work with you prior to your engagement or event to determine the key outcomes you desire, in order to tailor his delivery for the greatest impact.

For event speaking, his engaging, storytelling style will reduce the audience’s fear of the future, helping them to embrace change and open their minds to new and exciting opportunities. They will be motivated, questioned, challenged and inspired, leaving the session with a new outlook on what lies ahead.

His engaging workshops are designed to teach groups of people how to leverage storytelling techniques for a wide variety of purposes, providing them a skill for life.

Having established, implemented and run the horizon scanning department at Visa Europe incorporating numerous collaborative idea harvesting initiatives, he can provide substantial insight into the processes and tools to compliment your future innovation strategy including crowdsourcing ideas from staff, partners and customers and Igniting your Innovation Initiatives.

Andrew's breadth of experience with startups, incubators, accelerators and innovation labs make him a natural choice as EIR (Entrepreneur In Residence) and advisor to help your corporate incubation, innovation, product development teams and labs to develop their product proposition and future strategy. 

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