Do you have a Horizon Scanning service in your organisation?

Do you scan the horizon yourself?

If not, why not?

Many organisations have a "competitor analysis" function, often as part of their strategy or marketing divisions, but I've found few organisations that continually scan the horizon for change - and even fewer that intentionally incorporate the insights into their future strategy.

Every single aspect of your organisation is subject to change - which is impacted by far more than just your competitor activity!

The long term success of any organisation is largely dependent on its ability to continually adapt and respond to the constantly changing world in which we exist.

Those organisations that cultivate a culture of continuous transformation enabled and accelerated by appropriate governance, process and technology, are best placed to leverage change for competitive advantage and they are able to respond in a proactive manner to the impacts and implications that current and future changes will have on their staff, their business models, their industry ecosystem, consumer behaviours and society in general.

Responsive organisations such as these have the ability to shape the future, as opposed to simply reacting to it.

Horizon scanning is now, more than ever before, business critical to survival.

As a qualified foresight professional, horizon scanning is one of my core capabilities and I have previously established global horizon scanning services in a variety of organisations.


Horizon Scanning Service

When last did you scan the horizon? What did you see? What did you DO about it?

Horizon scanning service from Andrew Vorster