innovative ideas don't appear out of nowhere

Innovative Ideas and where they come from

Search stats for “innovative ideas” on google are far higher than searches for “how to increase innovation” or “how to get new ideas. This reinforces the common belief (myth) that innovation starts with an idea and people are taking to the internet in a vain attempt to shortcut the process 🤦🏼‍♂️. The leadership says “We […]

problem solving frameworks, tips tools and traps

Problem solving frameworks

As a (decidedly amateuer) photographer, I recently reflected on how much of a vocabulary overlap there is between photography and the work I do helping clients solve the challenges they face. One of the first thoughts that goes through a photographer’s mind is “how I am going to frame my subject?”. No, I don’t mean […]

Simple setup tips for virtual meetings

Virtual meeting TIPS

I didn’t think there was a need to share my virtual meeting TIPS with anyone as I thought they were common knowledge by now. But after recently taking a friend through the very simple setup steps, she asked me to publish them so that she could direct other people to them as in her words […]

Innovation Monsters and Myths show

Innovation Monsters and Myths

Anyone who has ever embarked on a journey of innovation, change or transformation, will know that there are many monsters to defeat and myths to dispel along the way. I’ve often shared stories on keynote stages all over the world of the innovation monsters and myths I’ve personally encountered over the last 30 plus years […]

Image with words digital transformation

You shouldn’t NEED a “Digital Transformation”

“Digital transformation” (DX) is currently one of the hottest topics with IDC predicting earlier this year that global DX spend will reach $1.8 trillion in 2019 and they forecast $6 trillion in global DX technology spend over the next 4 years. In many respects, this has been great for me personally as the calls for […]

Fear of Failure

Do you fear failure?

I used to – but no more. Having been brought up in South Africa in a culture where failure was met with physical punishment in school, in sport, at home and in military training, the fear of failure severely impacted my risk appetite and affected my decision making. Fear was seldom a good motivator in my […]

Horizon Scanning

Horizon scanning TIPS

Every year kicks off with a number of “predictions for the year 20xx” articles and posts as if in some way, the world hits a reset button at midnight on New Year’s Eve and faces a fresh start every calendar year. But as Heraclitus said “change is the only constant in life” and even if your […]

The good stuff

Finding the “good stuff”

“How do you always find the good stuff?” he said shaking my hand vigorously – “there is just so much noise out there but whenever I see you present I discover something new to think about – what’s your secret?” It wasn’t the first time I’d been asked that question – and hopefully it wouldn’t […]

7 seconds

7 seconds

An article published by TIME magazine in 2015 quoted research from Microsoft implying that humans now have an attention span of just 8 seconds – which is allegedly less than that of a goldfish. Having attempted to validate this, I can’t find any factual evidence to support the allegation (see more here) – but what I do […]

Once Upon a Time

Can you tell me a story?

We all love a good story. I grew up in rural Africa, amidst a rich culture of storytelling and at a young age I was conferred with the honorific of “imbongi” by our local people. In Zulu culture, the word is often reserved for those that change the path of the future by telling stories […]