innovative ideas don't appear out of nowhere

Innovative Ideas and where they come from

Search stats for “innovative ideas” on google are far higher than searches for “how to increase innovation” or “how to get new ideas. This reinforces the common belief (myth) that innovation starts with an idea and people are taking to the internet in a vain attempt to shortcut the process 🤦🏼‍♂️. The leadership says “We […]

Map of the biggest barriers to change in your organisation

The Biggest Barriers to Change and Transformation

The biggest barriers to change and transformation are often behaviours, biases, beliefs, mis-management, misunderstandings and misconceptions that survive and thrive unspoken about in the shadows of every organisation. Having been involved in innovation, change and transformation for pretty much all of my working life (over 35 years so far 😳) I have repeatedly encountered THE […]

We have time myth

“We have time” is a dangerous myth to believe in

“We have time” is a myth highlighted by Leda Glyptis in part(2) of her “Monsters & Myths” interview found here. I’ve comitted to sharing the insights and advice so freely shared by guests on my show and those of you that are familiar with Leda’s fantastic weekly #LedaWrites newsletter will be well aware of her […]