Bookshelf of current published books


The bookshelf is slowly growing and there are more in the pipeline. Finding time to sit down and write a book is tough when you're a full time trouble-maker Innovation Catalyst!

As part of my work, I am very fortunate to meet and interview some amazing people and I love to share their stories of how they have overcome innovation challenges in order to inspire and motivate others to do the same. I often find myself penning thousands of words in response to questions and then think "I really should gather all this advice in a book so that more people could benefit!

2021 saw the release of a collaborative project that I contributed to along with a whole host of fellow future thinkers. Published by Bloomsbury, it's my first "big name" publishing house to add to my bookshelf 😎

This is a list of books I've published so far - they are all available on Amazon globally and you can get them by clicking on the images which will take you to your geographically closest Amazon store where they are available as Paperback and Kindle where appropriate.


The Future Starts NOW

The Future Starts Now is an anthology of essays that spans a wide range of topics about the future from 25 renowned global futurists (including me 😎) . I had chosen "The Future of Education" as my topic as I am passionate about enabling and accelerating positive change for future generations. I had completed my first draft of my chapter in November 2019 - well before the Covid-19 outbreak! The final edits were submitted in March 2020 and already by that time MANY aspects of my "preffered future" of education were begining to play out. By the time the book was finally published in March 2021 (yes, that's how long the "traditional publishing" process STILL takes!!!) the world seemed to have had a major wake-up call - but sadly I believe that too many people are so desperate to "go back" to the way it was before and I fervently hope that this will not end up being a massive missed opportunity!

The Art of Inspiring Innovation and Transformation

Over the last 35 years or so of my career, I have been inspired and motivated by the words of others and constantly use quotations and anecdotes in my Keynotes and Workshops to get a point across in a relatable manner. I am also an avid amateur photographer and a quote will often spring to mind as I capture an image which will often be posted on my Instagram feed here.

This is not a book to keep buried on your bookshelf - it's best kept handy by your desk for you to randomly pick up and flick through. You can find more info and a sneak peak inside the book here.

L'Art d'Inspirer l'Innovation & la Transformation

Unfortunately, I don't speak fluent French - in fact most French people would prefer I didn't attempt to speak it at all!! Growing up in rural South Africa meant that I am fully tri-lingual, however since moving to the UK in 1997 I've discovered that there is little use for Zulu or Afrikaans outside of South Africa 😂

Fortunately for me, an ex-colleague and good friend of mine was so inspired by the English version of my book of quotations that she translated the entire book into beautiful French as a priceless gift for me to spread the word across my many French speaking friends and followers. I am incredibly humbled by her generosity ❤️

Horizon Scanning TIPS

TIPS = Technologies, Innovations, Patents and Startups and they (should) be the core focus of your Horizon Scanning activities.

This is not a "reading book" - it's a DOING book!

This is a blank journal / notebook consisting of a few pages of instructions that outline the fundamentals of Horizon Scanning and how to use the blank forms in the book to identify signals and trends that will have an impact on society, industry, organisations and the people within them all. It's definitely not designed to gather dust on your bookshelf and should be kept with you at ALL times so that you can make observations on the things you see and hear.

I was extremely honoured to be awarded the "Best Startup Book of 2020" by the Book Authority - you can find out more about the TIPS methodology and get a sneak preview of the book here.


Preparing for the World in 2028

This collaborative book was written and published back in 2018. As this marked 10 years of the Apple iPhone, the core concept was to look back over the previous 10 years and consider how much our world might change in the next 10 years.

Each contributor approached the topic in their own unique way and the book is a treasure trove of valuable insights from some really smart people - HOWEVER, I'm sad to say that as this was my first foray into the world of publishing, I was totally ripped off by the literary agent and I cannot recommend buying the actual paperback version due to its ridiculous price! We as authors receive absolutely zero royalties on this either - not that royalties add up to much I hasten to add!! It's just the principle. The kindle version is reasonably priced and is worth it for the opening chapter alone - I'll let you use the "look inside" function on Amazon to see why.

2028 - "a day like any other"

This is my personal chapter contribution for the "Preparing for the World in 2028" book above, which was in the form of a fictional short story that I have made freely available for download right here if you are interested in a quick (and hopefully entertaining and informative) read. Please note that this was written in 2018 - a full 2 years before the world was turned upside down by the COVID pandemic. Many of the concepts I introduced are surprisingly prescient given the fact that the brief I was given stated that I had to extrapolate a future vision based ONLY on technology that had already been invented ............ take a look for yourself and see what you think!