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The long term success of any organisation is largely dependent on its ability to continually adapt and respond to the constantly changing world in which we exist. Those organisations that cultivate the skills and culture of continuous transformation enabled and accelerated by appropriate governance, process and technology, are best placed to leverage change for competitive advantage and they are able to respond in a proactive manner to the impacts and implications that current and future changes will have on their staff, their business models, their industry ecosystem, consumer behaviours and society in general.

Responsive organisations such as these have the ability to shape the future, as opposed to simply reacting to it.

I'm not a consultant - they tell you WHAT to do (or you pay them to do it for you) - leaving you and your team without the business critical knowledge and skills necessary to face the future.

"I help individuals and organisations connect the dots between where you are now and where you want to be in the future" 

After spending over 35 years leading and participating in innovation and transformation initiatives, I prefer to teach you HOW to apply tools and techniques that enable you and your team to THINK and BE more innovative in everything you do.

I will work with you and your team to show you how to identify and make the most of the opportunities the future holds. From scanning the horizon for opportinities, to ideation techniques and "thinking like a futurist", to opportunity mapping to inform your future strategy, I can help you become "fit for the future" through coaching, mentoring and training delivered in masterclasses, workshops and keynotes.

Of course anyone that has ever tried to change anything will know that they are likely to encounter many barriers and obstacles in their path. These "Monsters and Myths" have a massive impact on the outcomes of your efforts - but I can help you uncover the "Magic" needed to conquer the Monsters and dispel the Myths - click here to see how.



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Systems thinkers or those with a "futurist mindset" are able to rapidly connect the dots and extrapolate multiple possible, plausible and preferrable futures to consider. 

I've worked across a wide range of industries in organisations of all sizes, from scrappy statups to global multi-nationals. I still regularly mentor startups and participate in strategic advisory boards for various organisations. I am always open to NED positions where I can apply my insights and experience, bringing a unique perspective that is often lacking at board level.

I offer my services on a "fractional" retainer basis from as little as one day a month where you can use me as a sounding board to bounce ideas off or for briefings to unpack the latest buzzwords or to mentor your leadership team in the art and science of innovation (or quite frankly anything else you can think of, I'm extremely versatile!).

Once you're a client, you're always on my mind - which means that as I go about my day job, I'll alert you to things I think you need to think about - think of it as having an extra "Eye on the Future" 🙂 


informative, instructional and actionable presentations and briefings


do I do?

I am passionate about being a catalyst for creative thinking, innovation, change and transformation, inspiring organisations and individuals to realise the actionable opportunities on the near horizon, thereby influencing future vision and strategic direction..

I'm a published author with a background in research and a qualification in Foresight (yes, I'm a "Futurist"). I gather rich insights through global scanning and scouting, identifiying trends and consumer behaviours, helping clients to gain an understanding of their potential implications to society, industry and individuals. My work takes me across the globe (albeit predominantly "virtually" right now given the current global situation), in search of the current uses and latest developments, gathering information and case studies to share through scenarios and storytelling via keynote presentations, boardroom briefings, advisory services and workshops.

Having grown up in rural Africa, Storytelling is in my DNA and I can assure you, the stories I have to share will make you think and are not to be missed!

What people are saying

crisp and uncompromised insight on scenarios for the future

Pat Patel

It is rare to have someone who can engage an audience and deliver crisp and uncompromised insight on the scenarios for the future, but Andrew manages this seamlessly. Always the first name on our Europe agenda and go to person for our global events in Asia and the US. Easy to work with and gets the best out of senior leaders in a group session on stage.

Pat Patel - Content Director

not afraid to give his opinion

Laurence Coldicott

Andrew is without doubt one of the first people on my list when I look to start my research on current trends in the fintech industry. He has an extensive knowledge base and is not afraid to give his opinion. Added to this, in 10 years of producing conferences and expos he is in the top 2 or 3 moderators I have ever worked with. His enthusiasm and energy are mixed with an incredibly articulate nature, when looking for the right question at the right time. He also does an unprecedented amount of preparation to make sure each session he is involved in is a success. I have no doubt the recent FinTech Connect event would have been a much lesser conference without his involvement.

Laurence Coldicott - Senior Content Director

embodies the art of disruption

Robert O'Sullivan

Andrew embodies the art of disruption, from the ideation process through to thought leadership. Andrew’s understanding of the ‘disruption’ concept entices out the best from all. It’s clear why those who are fortunate enough to work alongside Andrew are constantly evaluating, reinventing and shaping the future of their industries. Andrew took to the stage with great presence, and notepads quickly filled with endless knowledge as Andrew sparked new ideas with every sentence.

Robert O'Sullivan - Co-Director

His presentation was energetic, insightful and infectious

Guy Juniper

Andrew was asked to deliver an “innovation ignition” talk to a large audience of our business subject matter experts. Before doing so he ensured that he was equipped with an understanding of our business and the challenges faced. His presentation was energetic, insightful and infectious. He cleverly explored a range of relevant innovative technologies which both broadened and challenged our thinking.

Guy Juniper - Head of IT

a first class communicator

Juan Machado

Andrew is a first class communicator who has delivered superb content valued by our clients in strategy and innovation.

Andrew has the ability to communicate complex subjects by captivating his audience through exceptional story telling.

Juan Machado - EU Digital Solutions Director

I would strongly urge you to take the time to listen to him


Andrew Vorster was a fantastic speaker & moderator at Legal Techfest recently in Sydney. I would strongly urge you to take the time to listen to him and his idea’s and you just might come away with a “gem”

Stephen L. van Dorp - CFO and COO

inspiring and refreshing


Andrew is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker. His approach to rethink innovation and the process as a simple lateral metaphor was inspiring and refreshing.

Dean Crabb - Technology Adviser

prepared, profound, and preposterously innovative

Laurence Grant

Prepared, profound, and preposterously innovative, Andrew Vorster was a sensational speaker at our Tech Expo in Croydon. Captivating the audience by comparing innovation to Moonshine distillation in a simple and fun way, all of our attendees were WOWed by the content and delivery.

Laurence Grant - Co-Director

enthusiasm so contagious that it was lightening up people all around him

Boris Taratine

I found Andrew’s enthusiasm so contagious that it was lightening up people all around him – rain or shine. Some times I thought that if there was a generator attached it could light up the whole country. Andrew is clearly a thought leader, especially when it comes to innovation and IT strategy. He also has a great skill to communicate the complicated matters of technology in simple manner that also made him an excellent public speaker – you should definitely visit one of the events where Andrew is on the list!

Boris Taratine - Chief Cybersecurity Architect

a professional that thinks with the client to deliver for the client


Andrew is the true example of a professional that thinks with the client to deliver for the client. His out-of-the-box approach and his innovation experience and mindset make him a real ambassador of what public speaking is all about. If you need someone to truly ignite the audience, you found the right guy.

Rik Coeckelbergs - CEO & Founder

so lively and filled with vast knowledge in IT Strategy and Innovation

Andrew being a lovely communicator as well as an innovative speaker makes things easy and comfortable, in fact he is taking the audience into a completely different stream. He is so lively and filled with vast knowledge in IT Strategy and Innovation. Andrew is an excellent public speaker and a good advisor we can really trust. Well prepared, we truly understood his vision. His level of passion and energy makes us good listeners. To more I would like to recommend Andrew as a brilliant speaker to other organizations’ IT and Innovation departments. I personally wish him all the very best and good luck always

Rasha Fahad Alkhudhur - Sales Team Leader

A Great unique speaker with style

Andrew is an excellent public speaker with a great open-minded personality. He makes the subject sounds easy to follow and understand with an interesting story. Andrew is knowledgeable and makes you feel totally engaged. His enthusiasm is amazing. I would definitely recommend Andrew as a speaker to any conference as it is worth to attend events where Andrew is on the list.

Haidar Alzaqqah - TPL specialist

he kept it interesting and entertaining whilst delivering expert advice


Andrew clearly got the audience, some complex concepts were made simple, clear and memorable. As a speaker, having expert knowledge in a subject is prerequisite, but being able to convey that in an easy to understand and useable way is where it becomes hugely valuable to those in the audience. This was translated as we imagined in the session, he kept it interesting and entertaining whilst delivering expert advice and lots of strong takeaways for the audience.

Adrian Tripp - Chief Executive Officer

guaranteed to make organizations sit up and take notice

Yadu Tekale

I have seen Andrew‘s “Igniting Innovation” session. It is an inspiring approach guaranteed to make organizations sit up and take notice. And change.

Yadu Tekale - SVP Sales

thought-provoking insight

Patrick Kelly

Andrew has made a valuable contribution to our business as a speaker and master of ceremonies at our recent retailer convention as well as a trusted advisor in technological advancements. As a guest speaker Andrew had our staff and guests enthralled as he delivered a thought-provoking insight into how rapidly changes in technology could impact our businesses and how we should be preparing ourselves for change. The presentation was extremely well researched and very relevant to our industry. I would recommend Andrew’s services to all business leader who want their companies to be leaders and not followers.

Patrick Kelly - Chief Operating Officer

a rich combination of wisdom, analytical skills and forward thinking abilities

Martin Lucas

“I have rarely come across someone with such a rich combination of wisdom, analytical skills and forward thinking abilities, I cherish the interactions, support, help and insights as they help me to become a better version of myself. Having written 3 books, conducted 100’s of interviews, trained 1000’s of people and consulted to many more all based around human behaviour it is not often you find a dyed in the wool innovator who you want to spend time with over and over. Great person, I encourage anyone to have a conversation with him.”

Martin Lucas - Problem Solver

crisp understanding of where the world is going

Clara Durodie

Andrew has a deep sector knowledge and a crisp understanding of where the world is going, the 2 essential ingredients for mapping the future

Clara Durodié - Executive Chair and Founder

one of the most inspiring and insightful mentors

Becky Downing

Andrew is one of the most inspiring and insightful mentors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He talks about innovation with such vision and clarity that you feel as though you are talking to someone from the future! He is one of the few people that truly understood and nailed our company’s vision immediately and has been an immense support in helping us realise this. Andrew is one of those rare gems whose support and advice is sincere and given without any kind of agenda other than a genuine enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve. His vast finance and tech background provides us with invaluable insight into the direction we should be driving our business in. If you ever get the chance to work with Andrew I would highly recommend it….but remember, we found him first 😉

Becky Downing - CEO & Founder

He makes it look easy and breezy

Caspar Berry

“One of the privileges of my job is getting to see other speakers at work. It has never been more of a privilege than when watching Andrew. Combining his work as speaker and evangelist Andrew’s work is always cutting edge and insightful because it comes from the inside. But it’s not just the content that is excellent: Andrew is also a great great communicator. He makes it look easy and breezy while in fact he is taking the audience on a well-crafted journey. I would definitely recommend Andrew as a speaker to any conference and would happily chat to anyone who wishes to contact me to speak further.”

Caspar Berry

a storytelling alchemist

Adi Hartuv

Andrew is a storytelling alchemist – weaving unfettered imagination, energy and curiosity to invite us into an immersive experience. The way Andrew captivates his audience assures an exponential spread of light bulb moments throughout the room. I would highly recommend Andrew as a speaker to any conference, and hope to work with him again in the future!

Adi Hartuv - Conference Producer

knowledgeable, insightful, interesting and INTERESTED

Hes Phillips

I was more than delighted and impressed with his presentation. He has an enormous amount of energy, passion and enthusiasm, and such an engaging approach in his storytelling and in how he delivers such brilliant insights. Andrew led a separate presentation on Day Two of the conference which was to take place as part of three separate tracks running simultaneously. I didn’t hesitate in my decision to attend his presentation out of the three tracks. And, again, he didn’t disappoint. Andrew is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, interesting and INTERESTED. It is probably because of that final adjective that his presentations were so engaging. He has a level of passion and energy that you cannot help to be drawn into as a listener.

Hes Phillips - Senior Manager

his enthusiasm, energy and professionalism is incredible

Ian Collier

I would highly recommend Andrew to be involved in any event and we have plans to work with him more in the future. His enthusiasm, energy and professionalism is incredible. The audience loved him and his presentation style is excellent.

Ian Collier - Program Director


thought provoking commentary



In addition to sharing stories as a keynote presenter I am a regular MC, moderator, panel host or participant at global events across a wide range of industies - as innovation, change and transformation are critical across them all - feel free to contact me to explore how I can help you light some fires at your next event!

My latest passion is hosting guests on my multi-format "Monsters and Myths" show, where I invite global change-agents, entrepreneurs and troublemakers to share their stories of the biggest barriers and obstacles to change and transformation that they have encountered on their journies - and of course the "Magic" required to overcome them.

If reading is more your preference then please do check out the stories on the blog and feel free to reach out if you like my style and want to explore opportunities for me to write for your site.

Be sure to sign up for Periodic Provocations - don't worry, I won't spam you - they really are infrequent for now!

"The story of the future is not yet written - don't wait to read about it is as history made by someone else - I can help you explore the opportunities the future holds"

- Andrew Vorster

Andrew Vorster