"The story of the future is not yet written - don't wait to read about it is as history made by someone else - work with me to explore the opportunities for your next bestseller"

Andrew Vorster

Igniting Innovation Initiatives

AV prides himself on being a catalyst for disruptive thinking and innovation that inspires organisations and individuals to realise the potential of the near future of technology by influencing strategic direction and future vision.

A published author with a background in research and widely recognised as a thought leader in the technology space, he provides rich insights gained through global scanning and identification of technology trends, helping clients to gain an understanding of the potential implications to society, industry and individuals.

His work takes him across the globe in search of the current uses and the latest developments in technology, gathering information and case studies to share through scenarios and storytelling via keynote presentations, boardroom briefings, advisory services and workshop facilitation.

Andrew Vorster

Innovation consulting

As a passionate and innovative technologist, AV leverages over 30 years of technology experience to provide meaningful insight into the impact that technology will have on your organisation.

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Event speaking

A provocative and engaging storyteller, AV will take your audience on a tailored journey of exploration into the near future of technology.

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Engage AV as a powerful catalyst for innovation and inspiration while facilitating your own investigation into the implications and impact of future technology on your organisation.

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Caspar Berry


"One of the privileges of my job is getting to see other speakers at work. It has never been more of a privilege than when watching Andrew. Combining his work as speaker and evangelist Andrew's work is always cutting edge and insightful because it comes from the inside. But it's not just the content that is excellent: Andrew is also a great great communicator. He makes it look easy and breezy while in fact he is taking the audience on a well-crafted journey. I would definitely recommend Andrew as a speaker to any conference and would happily chat to anyone who wishes to contact me to speak further." - Caspar Berry