The story of your future as told by you

Innovation Stimulation and Strategic Planning workshops

Will you read about the future of your company as history made by someone else?

Or, will you write the story of your future?

Andrew will lead your team in an interactive workshop applying the age old principles of storytelling, to uncover scenarios that can inform strategy and produce actionable outcomes.

Andrew has personally used this method for:-

  • Innovation stimulation and new product ideation
  • Communicating complex ideas to a non-technical audience
  • Getting boards of directors, internal employees and suppliers emotionally connected to new concepts and ideas
  • Raising R&D funding for new projects
  • Strategy and scenario planning
  • Inspiring change and transformation
  • Envisioning the future

Growing up in rural Africa with a deep culture of storytelling, Andrew is an acclaimed “raconteur” and his workshops will provide your team with the storytelling skills, techniques and confidence to do the same and more.