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Andrew will take you on a journey that will open your mind to the impact technological change is having on society, industry and individuals.

Taking a look at the factors influencing the disruption to traditional business models that have blurred the physical and digital worlds, Andrew will look at emerging business models and changing consumer and employee behaviour, supported by real-world scenarios and anecdotes.

He will share his views on some of the issues and opportunities associated with increasing customer expectations of a constantly connected lifestyle and a “culture of now”.

New technology provides greater access to data and information and Andrew will provide insight into organisations and methods of unlocking the value of this data that has remained so elusive to date.

He will explore where this is all heading and how your organisation fits into this new world of automated and augmented everything.

Andrew’s story will finish with some stimulating, and at times controversial, thoughts on how he sees the world of technology evolving. 

Upcoming Events

  1. Technology Expo

    September 27 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm BST
  2. RAVE publishing conf

    October 2
  3. CX & Insight Leaders

    October 11
  4. On Tour – South Africa

    October 22 - October 28
  5. Customer Experience Innovation

    October 23 - October 24
  6. On Tour – Singapore

    2018/03/12 - 2018/03/16
  7. Money20/20 Asia

    2018/03/13 - 2018/03/15